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Information Services to the Public

Through GCAO strategic guidance to the government-wide system, government information is disseminated to the public.

The following information services are available to the public:

  • Directory (database of contact information and profiles)
  • Information

Directory (contact information and profiles)

The GCAO maintains an online database of contact information for government structures and bodies, media organizations, journalists, and a selection of other institutions such as foreign representatives in Ethiopia and other institutions.

The database also contains a collection of brief profiles of the President, Deputy President, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentary office bearers, Provincial Premiers and some government leaders.

This online directory can be accessed on:

  • contact information
  • profiles

Media Liaison Support

Lead and plan Briefings to the media

The Directorate: Media Engagement develops relationships with international media and arranges briefings for the media when required, including Programme of Action briefings.

Media liaison support

The Directorate: Media Engagement ensures a professional and accessible media support service for government by arranging regular press events, briefings and media opportunities. Media liaison support, and particularly media management support, is rendered for all government-related activities. This support includes:

  • Developing and implementing communication strategies
  • Organizing press conferences
  • Drafting and issuing press statements
  • Organizing interview schedules.

Communication and information support services for government

Quantitative, qualitative or research (or a combination of various research methodologies) is conducted, usually through a researcher.

Staff of the Directorate:

Research is involved in the different phases of the research process (e.g. drafting the research proposal or compiling the questionnaire/discussion guide) and the management of research projects (e.g. bid procedure and liaison with service-providers). The focus of these research projects is to ensure that government understands the communication needs of the public based on scientific research.

The directorate renders research advice to government clients. This entails advice and assistance with regard to the compilation of research proposals (background to research, research problem, aim and objectives, methodology, sample, deadlines, costing), evaluation of documents, choosing service-providers, designing of questionnaires or discussion guides, attending focus groups and interpreting data and recommendations.

Corporate identity management

The Communication Service provides ad hoc assistance to departments/ministries in the implementation of government's corporate identity. Corporate identity guidelines for government were developed to assist government departments/ministries in the implementation and management thereof.

Event Management

The Directorate: Designs, develops, produces and manages products identified for clients, including outsourced products for government organizations. A creative team of designers develops briefs for products of transversal campaigns, including government information waves and public participation events. It produces, or facilitates through outsourcing, the production of:

  • Print adverts
  • Billboard adverts
  • Pamphlets, leaflets, publications and other promotional material
  • Posters
  • Exhibition panels
  • Multimedia projects.

An exhibition support service and consultancy is provided to government departments and other government sectors.

Distribution of government statements and documents

The Directorate: Media Engagement distributes government statements and speeches to the media, Ethiopian embassies and high commissions abroad and Parliament.

Distribution services

The Directorate: Distribution is responsible for the distribution of print information products, most notably the newspaper, the Ethiopian Yearbook and others as well as the Programme of Action plan of publication.

Information enquiries

The Information Centre provides a central point in government where government and government-related information can be obtained on request. Information is provided after searching and retrieving it from internal databases and/or collecting it from various external sources, or the client is referred to contact persons at relevant departments or bodies.

Media Monitoring

The Communication Centre monitors media coverage of national and regional print and broadcast media, and selected international media in order to provide the following services and products:

  • selected cuttings
  • daily news and actuality reports
  • electronic press clipping service
  • video and audio recordings
  • transcriptions of television and radio programmes on request

These products and services are rendered to the ministries and government departments.

Accreditation of Foreign Journalists

The Directorate: Media Engagement is responsible for accrediting international journalists wishing to report from Ethiopia. The following is required before accreditation is granted:

  • Letter from media organization requesting accreditation of journalist, signed by editor or bureau chief
  • Certified copy of passport (certification of passports or identity documents is done at police stations and post offices)
  • Valid work permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
  • two passport size photos
  • Brief description of the journalist/s' roles and areas of specialization.

Requests for accreditation should be directed to the Director: Media Engagement at the GCAO.

Services for Government

The GCAO provides strategic communication leadership and support in government communication to government. If you want to apply for or enquire about one specific service, you will find contact information or an online request form at the description of the specific service listed below.

  • Advertising and media placement
  • Communication research
  • Logo Design support
  • Organizing , coordinating and supporting events and exhibitions
  • Directory (database of contact information and profiles)
  • Distribution of government statements and documents
  • Information enquiries
  • Lead and plan briefings to the media
  • Media liaison support
  • Media monitoring
  • Photograph exhibition services
  • Strategic communication programmes and leadership support
  • Video production
  • Website monitoring.

Strategic communication programmes and campaigns

GCAO provides support and advice to government departments in planning and managing communication strategies, programmes and campaigns and promotes co-ordination and integration with a coherent government communication program.

Advertising and media placement

GCAO assists government departments with media planning and the placement and floating of advertisements in print and electronic media.

The Directorate assists with:

  • Agency appointment and management for advertising and public relations services.
  • Securing savings for government through centralized media mobilization.
  • End-to-end advertising management is done to achieve strategic objectives.

Directory (Database of contact information and profiles)

The GCAO maintains an online database of contact information for government structures and bodies, media organizations, journalists and a selection of other institutions such as political parties, foreign representatives in Ethiopia and the private sector.

The database also contains a collection of brief profiles of the President, Ministers, State Minister, parliamentary office and others.

This online directory can be accessed on:

  • Contact information
  • Profiles.
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