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Government Communications Affairs Office


Government Communication Affairs Office aspires to see a society whose citizens have access to accurate and timely information that helps them to actively participate in nation-building; transparent and responsive government and Ethiopia's image built favorably.


To provide leadership in government information communication system, ensure efficient and effective flow of information between the government and the public as well as within government organs , create consensus on major national issues and make a meaningful contribution to build the image of the nation.


The Objectives of the Office shall be to play a leading role in the government information and Communication system and thereby;

  1. Ensure smooth flow of information between the Government and the public and facilitate the process of building a society enriched with information and that actively participates  in the country's affairs and, in particular, facilitate the creation of equal opportunities for  historically disadvantaged and marginalized people and sections of the community  that need special support in accessing government information;
  2. Enhance the responsiveness of the Government to the needs of the society through maintaining an efficient and effective communication and information system that serve government organs and the public as a whole;
  3. Promote awareness of the opportunities that the developmental democratic system has brought to the country, and how to fully access them;
  4. Build national consensus on the basic principles and values of the constitutional framework as well as on the national interests of the country;
  5. Assist the international community, with a view to develop its goodwill towards the country, to properly understand the historical heritages and cultural values of the country as well as the new reality emerging from the ongoing changes;
  6. Create awareness of the participation of the country in continental and sub-continental organizations and institutions established to promote common goals, and the efforts and achievements of the organizations and institutions in realizing the renaissance of Africa; and
  7. Promote the expansion of modern, accessible and diverse media.

Powers and Duties


The Office shall have the powers and duties to:


  1. Provide leadership in government communication and create a system to ensure better performance of the sector
  2. Set directions for public relation activities of federal government offices and coordinate their executions
  3. Undertake capacity building activities for public relations officers of federal government offices and provide general guidelines for their deployment and promotion;
  4. Serve as the main source of government information in addition to acting as government spokesperson, record government statements and disseminate them through various means, and present the stand of the government on national and international issues;
  5. Coordinate the content and execution of government communication programmes;
  6. Monitor domestic and international media reporting and collect public opinion, and analyze and disseminate the result to the concerned bodies;
  7. Organize and coordinate public fora to create awareness and transparency on government policies and various national issues;
  8. Facilitate conditions for senior government officials to address communities in person, and visit institutions and observe events and accomplishments;
  9. Establish a system of strong working relations with communicators deployed in regions, and provide support in building their capacity;
  10. Provide government website services;
  11. Produce various press and audio-video materials, and undertake the activities of, and provide consultancy services on photography, audio-video recordings and the design of logos and printed materials when requested by government offices;
  12. Provide, from time to time, briefings to domestic and foreign correspondents; issue permits to foreign correspondents stationed in Ethiopia either temporarily or permanently
  13. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provide, from time to time, briefings to foreign diplomatic corps in Ethiopia;
  14. Provide adequate information on the true image of the country to be seen by the outside world, and combat misinformation campaigns against Ethiopia;
  15. Build a framework of communication partnership, among the concerned governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, based on an encompassing vision around common objectives;
  16. Create enabling conditions for the development of media infrastructure and the expansion of media supported by qualified professionals and based on the country's diversity;
  17. Undertake studies and research on communication, information and media;
  18. Collect fees, as may be necessary and in accordance with the law, for the services it provides
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