Youth Deserve Chance to Engage in Leadership. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Opportunity must be given to the youth to exercise their leadership capacity in order to sustain the struggle, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

The Premier, who is also chairperson of the OPDO that changed its name to ODP, underlined the need to engage the youth in various leadership positions as it is important to build their capacity to shoulder future responsibilities.

He also said that other political parties to share the experience of ODP in replacing majority of the senior leadership with the youth.

During the deliberations the conference has decided to replace over 80 percent of party leadership with the youth.

The conference depicted the progress that the party has been through not only in name and idea, but also in action, Abiy said at the closing of the conference.

He mentioned the decision to fill 80 percent of the leadership position with the youth among the indicators of the progress.

Abiy said the youth deserves a chance to be engaged in leadership positions so that to enhance the reform and the development of the country.

Noting that the current reform that the country is witnessing is being underway in a well organized manner, Abiy said it will not hampered by trivial incidents.

The prime minister said, "we must continue to work together to eradicate obstacles that Ethiopia face," in order to bring unity, democracy and development.

During its three-day deliberation held in the town of Jimma, the conference has passed resolutions, changed its name and logo as well as retired 14 senior party members.


  September 21/2018(ENA)