The Youth in Wolkite Town Vow to Work for Peace with Government

The youth in Wolkite have expressed their readiness to stand with the government by accepting Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed's call for peace and harmony.

The Premier has held a consultative meeting with the residents of Wolkite town and its environs on overall economic development and social issues of the zone yesterday in the town.

Over 1,300 residents including elders, religious leaders, scholars, women and youth representatives have discussed with the Prime Minister.

During the discussion, he requested the youth to work for peace, unity and cooperation to bring a viable change for the town.

The Prime Minster also stressed that unity and harmony are critical to re-build sustained peace in Guraghe Zone and Wolkite town.

A high school teacher, Zerhun Alemu told  that he and his colleagues will work with the government to maintain peace in Guraghe zone and Wolkite town.

"We will strive to bring back peace and unity in track among ourselves," Zerhun said.

He added, "As a teacher I stand for change in the mindset of my students so that they can think about development, peace, unity and cooperation."   

Kemzu Mohammed is another young businessman, who participated on the discussion, "I learned a lot from the Prime Minister about being united and fight poverty, so I am ready to fight for the prevalence of good governance and bring unity in my town."

He said that he will cooperate with his friends to facilitate for reinstating sustainable peace.

Tezazu Fikadu, a college dean said "we had a very fruitful discussion with the Prime Minister that can help us to reset our mind on development in unison."

He said that he accepted all the things raised by the Prime Minster about peace and development.

"We Guraghe people are one so unity is our number one choice," he added.

The Prime Minister has made the discussion with the residents of Wolkite and its vicinity following the conflict that sparked in the town and some areas of the SNNPRS over the previous week.

Addis Ababa June 21, 2018/ENA/