Small and medium sized manufacturing companies are said to be producing outputs that are capable enough to substitute some imported goods.

This was intimated by Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Development Agency (FSMMIDA), which is about to hold the first round of the annual nationwide Small & Medium Manufacturing Industries Exhibition and Bazaar, planned to take place beginning from February 28

Asfaw Abebe, Director General of the Agency, stated that the exhibition/bazaar provides the platform to promote locally produced products to a broader group that may have a little or no knowledge of the quality and competitive level it has reached nowadays.

He added that some leather, agro-processing and chemical small and medium manufacturers have already started to export their products, while they participate in international bazaar held abroad and create business-to-business links with other firms.

Ashenafi Melese, Acting Director of Communications with the Agency stated that this year's exhibition aims at showing the local manufacturers have reached a level where they can substitute imported goods. "They have reached a level where they can make the general public be proud of their local products." Moreover, he indicated the need to expand their market through government procurement as well given that they are capably producing quality and innovative products.

There are issues that a beginner country faces when it comes to the sector, the DG explained, "and we are working to provide solutions to them by diagnosing from the problems."

120 small and medium manufacturing firms are expected to participate on the exhibition, and the Agency is projecting up to 20 thousand visitors.

February 28/2018 /Ethiopian Herald