Opposition Leaders Welcome Approval of State of Emergency Proclamation

Leaders of opposition parties said today the approval of the State of Emergency Proclamation by the House of People's Representatives will help to bring about peace and stability in the country.

They have also called on the Command Post to involve the public in the implementation of the proclamation.

The opposition parties stated that the proclamation, which was endorsed yesterday, is necessary and timely.

The leaders said the Command Post should strive to solve the prevalent lack of peace and security by involving the public.

All Ethiopians National Movement President, Mesfin Shiferaw said the proclamation approved to stop violence and chaos that endangered the security of the country and citizens cannot be a threat but a guarantee to law abiding citizens.

Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party President, Ayele Chamiso said on his part the approval of the proclamation by the House is appropriate as the damage on human and material resources based on ethnicity is huge.

Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement Chairman, Guesh Gebresellassie said the proclamation is necessary as it has become impossible to control the human and material cost inflicted through the exercise of regular laws.

New Generation Party President, Solomon Tafese similarly supported the move since the proclamation will give the government breathing space to respond to demands of the peoples.

The leaders have, however, urged the Command Post to implement the proclamation based on research and wisdom.
President of Coalition for Unity and Democracy, Ayele Chamiso said the board established to monitor the proclamation should ensure that innocent citizens are not ill-treated during the implementation of the state of emergency.

New Generation Party President, Solomon Tafese said the Command Post should implement the proclamation wisely by involving the public.

In addition, the leaders said the Command Post needs to educate and create awareness alongside securing peace.
They also urged the government to provide prompt response to the demands of the public during the emergency rule.

The House of People's Representatives endorsed yesterday the proclamation with 395 votes out of 490 MPs who attended the session. Some 88 MPs have voted against it, while 7 abstained.

March 03/2018 /ENA/