Ministry of Foreign Affairs said commendable achievements have been registered in promoting economic diplomacy.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reports Commendable Economic Diplomacy Achievements in Half-year 

The ministry has facilitated foreign direct investments, solicited market outlets for Ethiopian commodities and organized promotional activities, and engaged in supporting transfer of technology for different sectors over the last six months, a press release from the ministry stated.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Melese Alem said the ministry organized pre-investment visits for 39 large companies based abroad  and 72 visited that country during the last half of Ethiopian fiscal year.

Some of these companies are already engaged in pre-investment assessment options, he added.

Most of the companies seeking to invest in Ethiopia were from Asia and Oceania and the number of investors from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and Africa has been increasing, it was learned.

Some 537 small and medium companies were also assisted to visit Ethiopia to conduct feasibility studies. The ministry also supported businesspersons by providing information on various joint venture activities for 26 local and foreign companies.

Furthermore, it organized 45 business-to-business forums, 25 trade fairs and exhibitions which enabled local businesspersons and foreign companies to introduce their products to local markets and facilitated business networking mechanisms for 41 local business firms, the press release stated.

In addition, the ministry reportedly selected 22 tour operators and enabled them to enlist 21 tour packages in the country.

Addis Ababa March 01/2018/ENA