Ethiopians celebrating 122nd anniversary of victory of Adwa

Ethiopians across the country are celebrating colorfully the 122nd anniversary of the victory of the battle of Adwa.

It is being celebrated in various assortments, particularly at Adwa mountains, where the battle of Adwa took place, and here in Addis Ababa at Menelik II Square.

Various members of the society including, patriots and high level government officials, are attending the event.

The celebration starts with several gun salutes to commemorate the day.

Ethiopia celebrates Adwa victory every 2 March in remembrance of the great victory over an invading Italian army 1896.

The victory is considered as a freedom history not only for Ethiopia but also to Africa. Historically, the victory made Ethiopia an inspiration of hope, freedom, and liberation for Africa.

Addis Ababa, March 2, 2018 (FBC)