Ethiopia hosted Nile Basin initiative today.

Ethiopia hosted the 12th Nile Basin initiative day.

On the celebration Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia President Dr. Mulatu Teshome, Nile basin representative (NBI) Diplomat, AU representative ,other delegates including ministers and high government officials.

The Nile Basin country representative (NBI) expressed that they are committed to "The Nile Shared River, Collective Action", In According to their speech.

Dr. Mulatu also said "we all commemorate our bold step to establish this first ever all inclusive Trans' boundary water resource in situation".

The Nile Basin initiative /NBI/ the shared vision had established for NBI enunciates desire to achieved.

"Sustainable socio economic development through the equitable utilization of and benefit from common Nile Basin water resource"

Commonly formulated and guiding principle for our Collective action which is still valid, relevant and calls for more and renewed commitment, added the president.

The Nile Basin hosts a set of complex drivers that makes this geo strategic region a priority to security for both basin countries and the international community at large.

It's cutting across Countries and sustaining more than 250 million people directly. Here lies the rational for the organic emergency of the Nile basin initiative.

When 250 million people soon to reach, 500 million are dependent on one common resource the Nile.

One has to learn how to use its water efficiently and how to manage and benefit from this common resource.

Responding and cooperatively. There is no other way what happens up stream Affects downstream countries and vice versa.

In the Nile all have a common shared resource and having a common resource demands acting in coordination and in harmony.

In addition to this to national ones in order to synergist and optimize the efforts in order to make more from each drop of the Nile increasingly scarce per capital wise.

 Brass band led procession from meskel square to UN covers center, Symposium, exhibition, expert's panel discussion, also part of the celebration.

The theme that "The Nile: Shared River, Collective Action."

February 22/2010(government communication affairs office)