Ethiopia Expected to Play Crucial Role on Migration Negotiations

Ethiopia's voice will give high importance for the global negotiations towards safe, ordinary and regular migration, IOM Representative to Ethiopia said.

Due to its status as a host country for huge number of refugees and its contribution, Ethiopia's voice will given high importance on the coming negotiations on migration, Chief of Mission of IOM Ethiopia, Maureen Cheing told journalists.

She said that the country is expected to play crucial role on the upcoming negotiations as it encourages safe migration and the need for greater cooperation among countries.

The Horn African country today held the second national multi-stakeholder consultation on the issue in order to come up with a stance as part of the negotiation process.

"Ethiopia is critical in the discussions. As IOM, we are very grateful to the government of Ethiopia for taking the decision to have this national multi stakeholder consultation", she said.

She also said that IOM will further increase its support to Ethiopia on how to better manage migration.

Deputy Director of Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA), Zeynu Jemal said Ethiopia is ready to play its role for the acceptance of its standpoint, which promotes safe migration.

Ethiopia participates on the negotiations knowing that the global compact for migration can help to promote peaceful and safe migration and cooperation among countries.

In this regard, stakeholders that are working on migration in Ethiopia have held their first consultative meeting in November 2017.

Based on the outcome of the first consultative meeting, the stakeholders are expected to have a common ground to support Ethiopia on the negotiations, he said.

The idea of the global compact for migration has generated in September 2016 that led the member countries adopt the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants.

The global compact represents a unique opportunity to address international migration comprehensively and humanely.
ENA/Addis Ababa February 16/2018