Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Agree to Establish Independent Study Group for GERD Filling

The tripartite meeting of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan agreed to establish an independent, national and scientific group to study the filling of the GERD.

 The agreement reached at the meeting held on Tuesday in Addis Ababa is a step forward for Ethiopia that has been insisting on reaching agreement on the issue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told ENA.

 The three countries have been discussing on filling of the GERD reservoir and operating it for years.

Ethiopia has been discussing with the downstream countries to decide upon the time that should take to fill the dam without harming those countries.

 The day-long meeting also agreed on ways of presenting queries and observation to the consultancy.  

 The three countries have also agreed to establish a tripartite infrastructure fund that would allow engaging on joint infrastructure development endeavors.

 In 2011, Ethiopia began constructing GERD over the Blue Nile, which it sees the dam as a defining national project and a means of overcoming poverty.

Addis Ababa May 16/2018/ENA/