Diplomats Laud Govt’s Initiatives towards Stability, Wider Political Space

Diplomats appreciated the initiatives that are being undertaken by the government of Ethiopia to ensure peace and security and widening political space.

 Some of the diplomats who participated the Foreign Minister's briefing on the current situations, told ENA that the measures shows that the government is very concerned about the peace and security of the country as well as its citizens.

 Ambassador of Kenya to Ethiopia Catherine Muigai Mwangi said the briefing about the latest developments regarding the state of emergency and the Prime Minister's resignation letter was crystal clear.

 Ethiopia has declared state of emergency on 16 February to ensure safety of the public, and ensuring peace and security.

 "It was open, it was honest and very transparent so we are delighted for the confirmation of the peace and order that is prevailing in this beautiful country," she pointed out.

 The Ambassador affirmed her country's support to Ethiopia in its efforts towards maintaining stability.

  "As a neighboring country, we are supporting the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people in all the reforms that are going on. So, we definitely as Kenya want to express our complete support for the government and the people of Ethiopia."

 Describing a state of emergency as "something that should be dealt very cautiously", Ambassador of Netherlands to Ethiopia, Bengt Van Loosdercht said it could be a good measure, "if implemented leniently".

 Noting the various measures that the country has taken to widen political space and democratization, the Ambassador said the country is working towards more openness and more inclusiveness.

 The government has been taking concrete measures aimed at widening the political space and advance democratization.

February 20/2018/ENA