Belg Rains Won’t Pose Danger in Ethiopia: NMA

Ethiopia will not expect to face any danger from the ‘belg' rains expected between February and April in terms of flooding, the National  Meteorological Agency (NMA) said. 

 Despite the expectation in most parts of the country that usually get ‘belg rains' to receive normal to dominantly above normal rainfall, the Agency said there will be no danger of flooding.

 A statement from the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF) indicated that the possibility of flash floods in parts of the Horn of Africa including Ethiopia due to heavy rainfall.

 During this season, normal to above normal rainfall is expected over parts of Western Ethiopia, South Sudan, Southwestern Uganda, Northeastern Rwanda and Southern Tanzania.

 According to the Forum, heavy rainfall in some areas could lead to flash floods.

 Director for Meteorological Forecast and Early Warning System at NMA, Asaminew Teshome told ENA that the country will not expect floods like it encountered the previous year.

 He said that floods that will impact the development endeavors in the country are not expected in the current season compared to the previous years.

  "There is no threat of negative impacts of flooding, we will not expect floods that could lead to destruction on agricultural and infrastructural activities for this Belg Season Rains" he said.

 "We will not expect the occurrence of flooding which could lead to much significant negative impact for this Belg season rains of 2018, ," Asaminew clearly pointed out.

 The Agency will continue to disseminate timely and appropriate information to the public as well as concerned bodies so as to make all the necessary preparations ahead of time, in case the situation changed.

 Even though the belg rains are not expected to pose danger, the National Disaster Risk Management is ready to avert any disaster to be arising from flooding, PR Director Debebe Zewed told.

 Based on the information obtained from the Agency and Ministry Water, Irrigation and Electricity, the Commission is working in collaboration with stakeholders, he added.

 According to him, a Flood Task Force (FTF) has established to provide the necessary support in case of flooding that may need relocating households.

  "Flood Task Force (FTF) will prepare plan enabling it to carry out an integrated efforts closely with different considered body's to prevent impacts of flooding."

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource has called on farmers, and investors involved in farming activities to take the advantage of the belg rains.

Addis Ababa  March  02/2018 /ENA