ሚያዝያ 11, 2006 ዓ.ም.

Response to the US State Department’s Human Rights Country Report

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altAs an elected government open to constructive criticism and suggestions on ways of improving its human rights protection practices, the federal government of Ethiopia has carefully examined the 2013 State Department’s Human Rights Report on Ethiopia. Despite initial guarded optimism and hopeful expectation that some measure of improvement would be made, the 2013 Report, nonetheless, turned out to be a rehash of previous allegations sprinkled with new, but unfounded accusations that can barely survive close inspection. What compound the Report’s weakness are the sources and informants which it prima face characterizes as credible, whose testimony must, therefore,

A Proxy Campaign against Ethiopia? - Response by GERD National Panel of Experts

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altFor so many years now the IRN, International River Network, this self-appointed “guardian” of all rivers of the world, has been leaving no stone unturned in its effort to subvert Ethiopia’s efforts to develop its water resources and lift its vast and growing population out of poverty. This is manifested most glaringly in its incessant negative campaign against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), initiated from the very first days when the idea of water resources development on the Abbay was floated, including even through the Nile Basin Initiative. Apart from being amused, the NPOE so far had chosen to ignore IRN’s anti-Ethiopia lobbying which is driven by an ideological, if not fanatical-messianic

AAU marks 3rd GERD launching anniversary

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altThe Addis Ababa University (AAU) marked GRD third launching anniversary with a musical theatre entitled “Goh siked” and poem presentation organized by Theatrical Art College at Faculty of Business and Economics compound here yesterday. University President Dr. Admasu Tsegaye said at the occasion that AAU has been playing a great role in creating common understanding regarding the dam. According to the President, the Theatrical Art College has been organizing various musical theater regarding Abay River, GRD and other issues

Ethiopia carries on constructing the GERD and move forward

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altThe FDRE Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mokonnen said Ethiopia will proceed with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which is now on its 3rd year, and keep going forward with dignity. Demeke told FBC that Ethiopians has confirmed that they are owners of the project by offering both idea and financial support; and he said currently 1:3 of construction of the dam, which is the fundamental Phase, has been completed. Affirming that construction of the GERD, which the 3rd launching anniversary

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