Ambassador Seyoum: IGAD commits to help South Sudanese find a peace

Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin, Head of IGAD Special Envoys to South Sudan, emphasized on Monday (December 15) that IGAD stood firm in assisting South Sudanese find durable peace to end the suffering of the people and create a stable, prosperous and secure South Sudan.

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News Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation in Cairo Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation in Cairo

The Ethiopian public diplomacy team which went to Cairo on Monday (December 18, 2014) met with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahleb , Grand Sheik of Al Azahar , Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb and Pope Tawadros II ,Pope of Coptic Church of Egypt. Ethiopian public diplomacy delegation first met Egyptian Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahim Mahleab in Cairo on Monday (December 15, 2014).

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Kenya-Ethiopia pact targets communities at border

Kenya and Ethiopia have signed an agreement that aims at creating opportunities for communities at the border, President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Wednesday. This will create stability and security, he said. Speaking when bidding farewell to the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Shemsedin Ahmed, he assured the envoy that his Government is determined to implement the special status agreement signed between the two countries.

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190 road projects to be open for traffic

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority recently announced that 190 road projects under construction will be completed and open for traffic. It was also learned that the roads to be open will help grow city’s road coverage from 17.5 % to 20%. Engineer Fekade Haile, Authority’s General Manager, said

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Eurobonds and potash will boost Ethiopia and Africa’s food security:

Ethiopia issued a dollar based bond to fund its development goals focused on increasing agricultural production, power generation and transportation infrastructure including the 6,000 megawatt Millennium Dam hydroelectricity project on a Nile river tributary. Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan will be handling the sale of the ten year bond (yielding 6.75%).

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Welcome to FDRE Government Communication Web Portal

GCAO’s launching of a Web Portal- is yet another forward step on the communication front that more than ever underscores government commitment to transparency and accountability to citizens of Ethiopia on many levels. Not least in accurate and timely   dissemination of information to the general public, that conversely ensures government responsiveness to public feedback.   No better high-tech medium could fully express government endeavor to establish good governance, efficient service delivery and real-time information which not only enhances public trust in state institutions but also fosters an enabling environment for informed decisions.


የጋራ መኖሪያ ቤቶች ፕሮጀክት ሌሎች የአፍሪካ ሀገራትም በመልካም ተሞክሮ ሊወስዱት ይገባል

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